Excellent healthcare providers who treat you with dignity, respect, equality, and care…. they care about you as a human being, they care about your health, they’re super nice, and they’re incredibly professional and knowledgeable. I love this place!

B. B.
Been coming here for 4 years, since 2015. As long as you call a week ahead of when you need in, its normally no issue to get an appointment. And they offer many walk in services as well. Once you come in for your appointment, or even a walk in service, the wait times are always very reasonable. I’m normally in and out within 30-40 minutes. I always leave happy, as the doctor and staff are very caring and friendly, and again, the visits hardly takes up any of my time which is a huge plus!
S. K.

Great 1st visit. Dr. Kandi is great.

K. S.

This place is an asset to the community. Cheaper and faster than planned parenthood on their tests. They’re very real and upfront with you too, which is nice.

B. C.

I’m in the unique position of being both a long-term patient and a sometimes colleague, so I have been both in front of the front desk window as well as sitting behind that window. This Clinic plays a truly unique role in our local community. It’s a health care home for those needing a medical office. It’s a specialty clinic for gender, sexual health, and HIV services. And although some of us have started to take it for granted, being able to get “the County test” and other STI testing done in this kind of environment is exceptional!

Online reviews are great examples of everyone being different and having different experiences. With this I add (with all available stars) what I have experienced. Over the years, and from BOTH sides of the window: this is a dedicated, caring, and professional team.

E. F.

I’ve had FIT Clinic as a PCP before and was very happy with their office, staff and service. Always very friendly and knowledgeable. I recently made another visit to check out their new office (as well as get a check up) and am even happier with the new location. Cameron is an awesome addition to the office. I felt very comfortable with asking him questions after he explained to me tests and treatments. He speaks to you like you are a person and just having a casual conversation, yet stresses the importance of medical treatments. I am really hoping they take my new insurance as I want to continue going there for future medical needs.

S. T.

The staff was amazing! They were friendly and funny which helped me relax in an uncomfortable situation. They were fast, very reasonably priced and an overall good experience! Highly recommend going here!

L. N.

I saw Kandi for the first time And have been in the medical field my entire life. From the time I open the door to her clinic I was thoroughly impressed with her staff And Kandi herself. She took the time to listen to all my problems and treated me very aggressively. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone That is looking for an honest, caring, thorough and extremely knowledgeable provider with an amazing heart.

S. E.
Great place! Comfortable atmosphere, prompt, efficient, professional. & friendly staff~that will go that extra mile for you! Would recommend anyone & everyone to go there if they want thier needs handled & seen through until completed! Im glad I accidently came across Fit Health, Dr. Candi & staff! Thank You for all your help! I wouldnt have found anyone else to have helped me as you guys have! Thank You again and a special Thank You to Cameron!
M. E.

Fit Health is awesome. The staff is friendly, and committed. They have helped me in spite of myself.. As a retired nurse it is well known we make the worst patients. The fact you can be on a first name basis with them, says alot. They have been my primary for several years now. I highly recommend that you give them a try as your go to primary.

V. L.

I’ve been coming to this clinic for almost a year and the staff is very professional and kind. Kandi is a fantastic nurse practitioner who I believe really cares about the well-being of all of her patients. Cameron is also awesome to speak with.

J. H.
I’ve always been very happy going here. That they are LGBT friendly is a nice plus.
A. R.

I couldn’t say better things about Dr Kandi. She has been there every step of the way for me and never hesitates to see me within a few days of making an appointment.

B. C.

Been going here for the last few years to get checked for stds and they never made me feel uncomfortable about it, not even when I did have an std (: 10/10 would recommend.

A. E.

Kandi and the entire staff are friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful.

R. B.

Friendly staff and fast.

N. W.

I’ve been going to Fit Health Care for over 2 years.  I initially went to start HRT and Kandi quickly became my go-to for all things relating to my overall health.  Prior to coming here, I hadn’t been to a doctor in nearly 5 years, bad experiences caused a disinterest in going to see doctors.  Kandi quickly solidified my decision to keep coming back.  She’s always professional but relatable, she speaks in lay terms for us non-medical professionals.  Kandi and Cameron were able to advise me on next steps in my transition including gender affirmation surgery.  They kept me well advised on how my health is, provided guidance on improving myself, and made me laugh in the meantime.  They have an office puppy Jojo who is just amazing to see during my visits.

M. W.

I have been a patient for a few years, and I am so glad to have found them. I love these people!  Kandi is a fantastic medical professional, personable and always concerned about your health.. All the staff are just fantastic and caring… oh, and, Mr. Cameron, how you make me laugh!

C. L.

Well according to them I don’t have the clap. So that’s great news. Also had a nice, fast, and courteous staff. Just note they have raised prices on some of their testing. Maybe call ahead to check prices and such.

N. D.

Kandi, Claudia, and Cameron are so good to me!  Thanks for seeing me so quickly and taking such good care of me! I recommend this clinic for everyone!

I had called in the morning and they got me in the same day in the morning. They really seemed to care about my well being. Kandi made a great treatment plan and referrals. I am feeling better already.


I’ve been seeing Kandi for primary care for over a year. She makes it super comfortable and doesn’t waste your time. The front office staff is personable and are always happy to answer any follow up questions. Whether it’s a last minute appointment or one that I’ve had for a while they treat me with courtesy and respect. Amazing clinic that I plan to continue to utilize.

B. K.

This is by far the greatest clinic I have ever gone to, from the staff to the facilities its an absolute A plus.

A. W.

I have been a patient at FIT for over 10 years…warm caring, great service and fun edge- it is not your typical stuffy medical office.

C. L.

These guys are awesome!! They have taken great care of my family and friends and I would go here first before any other physician.

D. S.